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She’s the Great Great Aunt of Firefly’s founder & our figurehead.

Lucetta was somewhat of an anomaly for her day, perhaps one could even call her a wild child. Near the end of the WW1 at the tender age of seventeen she left home to work with a gypsy dance troupe traversing Europe. Thereafter she spent years performing cabaret in venues both grand and less illustrious, as the tale goes.
Lucetta was flighty and independent- perhaps too much to handle for the gentlemen of the day for she never did settle down with one for long. Lucetta sung and danced, and scrimped and saved, and when she could perform no longer she returned to her birth town- San Severo in Italy’s South and invested her nest egg in a modest enoteca bar.


Lucetta’s bar garnered a reputation not only for the good local wine and stuzzichini (antipasti) but for her glowing, warm hospitality. Hospitality so special that her regulars nicknamed this favourite place of theirs ‘La Lucciola’ – The Firefly.


This nickname was borne not just of affection, but of necessity also. Clever Lucetta never named her bar in order to exploit an ordinance loophole of the day decreeing that a business without a name to address to could not be taxed. And so La Lucciola it remained for all its days.


A century later we continue Lucettas’ traditions of good food and drink at our modern day Firefly. We welcome you to come and share the legacy of our figurehead- a warm glowing service that shines like its’ namesake.