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Wining & dining: why we’re the best romantic restaurant in Sydney

They say that the way to a man or woman’s heart is through their stomach and whether it be a fresh romance or a life-long lover, exploring the role that food plays in love is an interesting way to encourage a heart to grow fonder. We consider ourselves romantic restaurant connoisseurs here at Firefly, with our cozy, intimate vibe and taste for dishes that are a blend of unique flavours and natural aphrodisiacs.



Romantic restaurants Sydney


best romantic restaurant sydney


From romantic dinners to having a taste for finer foods, our sharing plates have been carefully selected to created an intimate dining experience that can be experienced in the company of another. From Wild Mushroom Arancini to Crab and Prawn Ravioli, our sharing plates have a way of expressing feelings and evoking others, creating memories, forging friendships and encouraging relationships to blossom.


There to celebrate good times and those aid tougher times, food and alcohol are our two major loves (as they are with many Australians), and it’s fair to say they’ve become a firm part of our culture.



Romantic sharing plates


It’s been scientifically proven that sharing a meal sparks romance, creating more of a friendly and relaxed vibe in comparisons to non-food related dates. Improving moods and stimulating social interaction, there’s nothing quite like bonding over a meal, and that’s why there’s nothing quite like our sharing plates menu.




From one sharing plate to 10, nothing screams romance like stealing a bite form your dates plate and falling for them a little harder. Encouraging connection and communication, eating together is a ritual we all partake in and an essential ingredient in building a successful relationship.


Whether your spoon feeding your partner or dishing up your own plate, our sharing plates are rich and nutritious and are designed to heighten the senses. From Truffle Parmesan Fries to Crispy Drunken Chicken Pancakes you’ll find our Bar Bites are almost as irresistible as your date. We tick all the boxes when it comes to seafood, from Grilled Octopus to Seared Barramundi and heartier dishes such as Hay Smoked Pork Belly for all you indulgent foodies.


Our Sweet Things come in the form of Warm Chocolate Brownies or a lemon sorbet with our Luscious Lemony Mess, with our overall menu taking into account all of your vegan, gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free dietary needs.





Romantic drinks list


Known as the liquid that sparks conversation and intoxicates us with emotion, the right concoction can reveal truths and often make us become a ‘yes’ man, regardless of any decisions we may never make when sober. When paired correctly, one will often find that food and alcohol go hand in hand, from wine and pasta, to beer and burgers.


This is why we have a Wine, Cocktail & Beer Menu to suit partners in crime of any kind, from a romantic wine and dine to a casual couple of beers with your better half. Self-confessed wine lovers, our wines are all mostly all Australian grown, with the selection of 150 different wines by the bottle. Our Cocktail Menu will add a little fun, with the addition of our luxurious new G&T’s to help break the ice.




Our vibe screams romance


While Italy itself is renowned for being the capitol of love, Firefly was inspired by a modest speakeasy bar in the south of Italy and our vibe radiates a classic, old time feel nostalgic of a time when technology had not yet suffocated the essence of love.

From pleasing senses to inspiring confidence, great tasting food and delicious drinks are only enhanced by the service and setting. From first dates to 50th dates, we cater for the most intimate and romantic dining experiences here at Firefly, with our warm, intimate vibe, glowing candles and attentive wait staff.


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From an extensive selection of wines, beers and cocktails to our moorish sharing plates, our menu encourages the flow of conversation and togetherness, where you and your dining partner can experience and taste together in a warm, comforting atmosphere that’s buzzing with energy.