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Get your fix from the best cocktail bar Sydney’s North Shore has to offer

The warmer season has finally dawned on us and we’re coming out from under our shells and allowing ourselves to enjoy a little bit of R&R. The days of relaxing in the sun, drinking cocktails by the pool, breathing in the crisp ocean air and enjoying a little time to ourselves are so close we can smell them, with only a few more working weeks ahead for most of us here in the hustle and bustle we call Sydney.




Delicious concoctions & lively elixir’s

Whether you’re planning a weekend get together, stopping by for a casual mid-week sundowner or just experiencing what Sydney has to offer, Firefly is your one stop shop for some of the best tasting summer cocktails. There’s no better way to wind down after a tough day at work, blow off some steam with your girlfriends or satisfy that sweet tooth (while simultaneously satisfying your craving for alcohol) than with a casual cocktail catch up at Firefly.


And that’s why we’ve crafted one of the finest cocktail menus in Sydney, to satisfy your craving for some sweet and indulgent beverages with a flavour to match a colourful array of tastebuds, personalities and fussy drinkers alike.


best cocktail bar sydney


If you’re looking to let your hair down and get out of the urban jungle known as the CBD (whilst simultaneously enjoying a buzzing atmosphere), Firefly is your home away from home. Providing an escape for a couple of hours where you can forget about the huge pile of overdue reports or the pile of ironing that awaits you at home, you’ll find our extensive selection of cocktails will do just the trick.


According to the the spotters guide, Sydney is home to a different selection of people and it mainly comes down to what area we live in. Home to a vast culture of people from all walks of life, Sydney is a petri-fish for stereotypes of the most humorous kind, and we’ve decided to draw some similarities between our cocktail list and these humans just for a bit of innocent fun.


Celebrating our differences, we’ve singled out some of the more obvious qualities inhabitants of each suburb tend to foster and we’ve complied a list to touch on just a few of these remarkable traits. We couldn’t get to every suburb, but here’s to the five of the top area’s in Sydney.



Western Sydney


If you’re a ‘Westy’, than our resident Firefly Espresso Martini is for you. Far from the beautiful coastline and paying your dues to make ends meet, you’ll need something to keep you awake on your long commute home, and a mixture of Stolichnaya vodka, Mozart White, Mr Black, espresso, cookies and cream shavings should do the trick.



Eastern Suburbs 


If you’re local to the Eastern suburbs, you need a cocktail to match your status quota, something that is of importance to the Eastern suburbs locals. Whether you’re instagramming at icebergs or enjoying a spray tan, you can’t deny the constant dreaming of moving to the upper north shore for a more spacious lifestyle. Although you might not have the backyard or white picket fence, at least you can have the Garden Spritz, a combination of Hendricks Gin, lychee, rose, syrup,mint & prosecco.



Inner west


The vegan heart to Sydney’s soul. You’ll most likely have (or love) facial hair, lentils and be a lover of live music, so you’ll need something like the Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned to dull the pain of being away from your warehouse-converted apartment. Aged in sherry-seasoned cask, Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Drambuie and cherry bitters, it’s the perfect musician drink of choice.


Lower north shore


Also known as the insular peninsular, a social and cultural bubble that’s home to designer athletes and mums alike, wearing activewear on the daily and spending half the year vacationing in Europe (or on a tropical island somewhere) makes you a perfect match for the Solerno spritz, a tropical drink crafted from blood orange, liqueur, ruby red grapefruit, juice, orange bitters & prosecco.



Northern beaches


If you’re a Northern Beaches native you’ll praise the laid-back, traffic free lifestyle that only exists on Pittwater road, but you’ll never have to drive down it anyway because under no circumstances will you ever leave the beaches. Commonly dressed in linen, boho clothing and budgie smugglers, you enjoy rants about over-development or the B Line, whilst commonly sighting Tony Abbott out in Manly. Our Lychee & Watermelon Mojito match’s your carefree lifestyle, with it’s breezy blend of Angostura white rum, lychee liqueur, fresh watermelon juice, mint & lime.


best cocktail bar sydney


Half Price Cookie & Cream Espresso Martinis


Whether your a beach-goer or a homebody, we’ve got one of the best range of cocktails to suit any lifestyle or set of tastebuds. Catering to groups big and small, our talented bartenders create drinks that will lift your spirits up while cooling you down with flavours that provide a false sense of an exotic getaway. Come and join us for half price Cookie & Cream Espresso Martinis from 5-6pm weekdays, where you can experience 60 minutes of cheaply priced Espresso Martinis to salute the stressful working day (or non-working day, for some).



Wine & Beer


If cocktails just aren’t your thing, you’ll be relieved to know we are big lovers of wine, with beer coming in at a very close second. It’s anything from our simple Secret Garden Pinot Grigio from Big Rivers NSW, to our Murdoch Hill Pinot Noir from Adelaide Hills and Yelland & Papps ‘Bin De Soif’ Grenache Blend from SA’s Barossa Valley that make us big ambassadors for Australian-made wine, with the occasion of a sneaky bottle or two from France. With 150 different wines made from mainly small Aussie producers, we’ve got Pinot Noir for days, stocking bottles from 80 leading winemakers. So not to worry if cocktails aren’t your cuppa tea, because our obsession with high quality, affordable wine got you covered.


best cocktail bar sydney


Our selection of beers isn’t as extensive as our wine list, but we’ve still got a range of lagers, ales, ciders and beers for tastebuds of every kind, that you’ll find were all crafted by local Aussie producers. To name a few, we’ve got Five Barrel Milk Stout from Wollongong, Moo Brew Pilsner from Hobart and David Franz Golden Scrumpy cider from the Huon Valley in Tassie.



See below for a list of our rich and flavoursome cocktail list that contain a combination of carefully selected and balanced ingredients to create your ideal potion and don’t forget to book a table to ensure an evening of fun for you and your ladies!





Solerno blood orange, liqueur, ruby red grapefruit, juice, orange bitters & prosecco


The classic Italian spritz; Aperol & prosecco


Hendricks Gin, lychee, rose, syrup,mint & prosecco


Spritz Afternoons: $10 between 4 – 6pm every day


Beam Rye, Goslings rum, popcorn syrup, dandelion bitters, egg white & lemon


Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Coco Lopez, fresh lime juice


Angostura white rum, lychee liqueur, fresh watermelon juice, mint & lime


666 Autumn butter vodka, fresh apple, juice, lemon & vanilla


Aged in our sherry-seasoned cask, Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Drambuie, cherry bitters


Stolichnaya vodka, Mozart White, Mr Black, espresso, cookies & cream shavings