Celebrate Easter At Firefly With This Easter Egg Cocktail

This Easter we are combining our love for chocolate and our love for fine cocktails into one decadent creation –
an Easter Egg filled Cookies and Cream Espresso Martini.
This is no ordinary egg either. We have commissioned maestro pattissier and chocolatier Esti Garcia to make our Easter eggs. He uses the finest single origin Colombian chocolate by Luker
to craft these crunchy yet delicate creations which perfectly complement the creamy cocktail inside.
If you haven’t tried our espresso martini before you’re in for a treat. We shake up our proprietary combo of fresh espresso, Mozart white chocolate liqueur, and Mr Blacks espresso liqueur, then we blanket the top in a generous coating of cookies and cream shavings.
Our Easter Martini cocktails are in limited supply with just 150 available so if you’re keen to try one we recommend you ‘hop’ into Firefly soon.