Sydney’s Best Happy Hour – $10 Espresso Martinis

Sydneysiders rejoice, you can now get our famous cookie & cream espresso martinis on weekdays for just $10 between 5-6pm


We’re all a little bit bonkers for The Espresso Martini right now and understandably so. It combines two of our favourite legal drugs into one viscous visceral package that simultaneously peps us up and leaves us without a care in the world. Every bar worth a damn have their own proprietary recipe, us included.


Ours is no great secret in fact I’m going share with you not only the ingredients of our showstopping Espresso Martini, but the method, the tips and tricks that elevate our version to greatness.


Firefly’s cookies & cream espresso martini


The Ingredients

Kahlua? Pffft. We use only the best coffee liqueur – Mr. Blacks, made right here in Australia. Accept no substitutes.


Vodka – any good quality brand.


Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur (hard to find but worth it)


Chocolate Sauce. Yup, chocolate powder, made into sauce.


A shot of espresso coffee.


The Method

Here are the expert tips:


Mix all ingredients to equal parts. Want to make a two litre jug full? Very good I applaud you. Simply add 400ml of each ingredient then text me your address so I know where to send the ambulance.


• Use lots of fresh Ice when you shake. A cold drink is a good drink.


• use freshly made coffee. Not instant. Definitely not decaf.


• Shake shake shake hard as. Dont be a pussycat, shed some sweat!


• the topping. You can use top deck or milky bar. Use a cheese grater to smother that cocktail in chocolate shavings like its the second coming. You’re not making cocktails, you’re making dessert.


How did that work out for you champ? As good as you had it at Firefly? Of course not – we’re masters.


But you’re in luck. Come visit us during our Happiest Hour – that’s any weekday between 5 and 6pm, when we’re knocking up our Espresso Martinis for $10 a pop. Check out our menus

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