From Caterpillar To Butterfly: Our Wine List Just Grew Up.

If you haven’t been in to Firefly for a wine date recently then you’re in for a treat .

Over the past few months we have been working tirelessly to source and curate a tidy little list of about fifty wines focusing on small producers sourcing clean, chemical free fruit to make delicious fermented grape juice.

The move represents our ethos to be uncompromising in what we serve.

We want to be a part of the movement that supports small (mostly Aussie) growers and winemakers doing interesting things. We support the stance to avoid using artificial chemicals in the vineyard, or during the winemaking process. We want to support makers who let the fruit speak for itself and intervene in the least possible way in both vineyard and winery to ferment juice that tells a story of where it’s from.

We are excited by all of the lesser known grape varietals being used to make delicious wine and equally excited by our guests’ acceptance (and appreciation) of the boundaries our young winemakers are pushing.

Right now in the world of wine it seems many of the conventions of commercial wine making are being shunned. Instead we’re seeing a revival of winemaking techniques thousands of years old, as well as up to the minute innovation and expression. Wine made in clay vases and concrete eggs. Table wine made like Spanish sherry. Beer made with grape must and wine made with hops or steeped in native botanicals. It seems even mead- (honey beer/wine) has made a comeback too.

Like a butterfly our wine list has evolved. We still love Pinot Noir but we’ve culled our offering somewhat to make way for all of the other delicious things. We’re changing our wine on the pour regularly too, so regardless of how frequently you visit there will always be something new, interesting and delicious.


See below for our current wine list and do come and visit us soon.